Package org.mortbay.http.handler

Class Summary
AbstractHttpHandler Base HTTP Handler.
DumpHandler Dump request handler.
ErrorPageHandler Handler for Error pages A handler that is registered at the org.mortbay.http.ErrorHandler context attributed and called by the HttpResponse.sendError method to write a error page.
ExpiryHandler Handler that allows the default Expiry of all content to be set.
ForwardHandler Forward Request Handler.
HTAccessHandler Handler to authenticate access using the Apache's .htaccess files.
IPAccessHandler Handler to authenticate access from certain IP-addresses.
MsieSslHandler Handler to force MSIE SSL connections to not be persistent to work around MSIE5 bug.
NotFoundHandler Handler for resources that were not found.
NullHandler Abstract HTTP Handler.
ProxyHandler Proxy request handler.
ResourceHandler Handler to serve files and resources.
SecurityHandler Handler to enforce SecurityConstraints.
SetResponseHeadersHandler Handler that allows arbitrary HTTP Header values to be set in the response.

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