Package org.mortbay.http

Interface Summary
Authenticator Authenticator Interface.
HttpHandler HTTP handler.
HttpListener HTTP Listener.
RequestLog Abstract HTTP Request Log format
SSORealm Single Sign On Realm.
UserRealm User Realm.

Class Summary
BasicAuthenticator BASIC authentication.
BufferedOutputStream Buffered Output Stream.
ChunkingInputStream Dechunk input.
ChunkingOutputStream HTTP Chunking OutputStream.
ClientCertAuthenticator Client Certificate Authenticator.
ContextLoader ClassLoader for HttpContext.
DigestAuthenticator DIGEST authentication.
HashUserRealm HashMapped User Realm.
HostSocketListener Forced Host Listener this simple listener extention forces the host header to be set to a specific value.
HttpConnection A HTTP Connection.
HttpContext Context for a collection of HttpHandlers.
HttpFields HTTP Fields.
HttpInputStream HTTP Chunking InputStream.
HttpMessage HTTP Message base.
HttpOnlyCookie HttpOnlyCookie.
HttpOutputStream HTTP Http OutputStream.
HttpRequest HTTP Request.
HttpResponse HTTP Response.
HttpServer HTTP Server.
HttpTunnel HTTP Tunnel.
InclusiveByteRange Byte range inclusive of end points.
JDBCUserRealm HashMapped User Realm with JDBC as data source.
JsseListener Deprecated. use SslListener
MultiPartResponse Handle a multipart MIME response.
NCSARequestLog NCSA HTTP Request Log.
PathMap URI path map to Object.
SecurityConstraint Describe an auth and/or data constraint.
SecurityConstraint.Nobody Nobody user.
SocketListener Socket HTTP Listener.
SslListener JSSE Socket Listener.
SunJsseListener Deprecated. Use org.mortbay.http.SslListener
Version Jetty version.

Exception Summary
EOFException Exception for EOF detected.
HttpException Exception for known HTTP error status.

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