Interface LogSink

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NullLogSink, OutputStreamLogSink

public interface LogSink
extends LifeCycle,

A Log sink. This class represents both a concrete or abstract sink of Log data. The default implementation logs to a PrintWriter, but derived implementations may log to files, syslog, or other logging APIs.

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Greg Wilkins (gregw)

Method Summary
 void log(java.lang.String formattedLog)
          Log a message.
 void log(java.lang.String tag, java.lang.Object msg, Frame frame, long time)
          Log a message.
 void setLogImpl(LogImpl impl)
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Method Detail


void setLogImpl(LogImpl impl)


void log(java.lang.String tag,
         java.lang.Object msg,
         Frame frame,
         long time)
Log a message. This method formats the log information as a string and calls log(String). It should only be specialized by a derived implementation if the format of the logged messages is to be changed.

tag - Tag for type of log
msg - The message
frame - The frame that generated the message.
time - The time stamp of the message.


void log(java.lang.String formattedLog)
Log a message. The formatted log string is written to the log sink. The default implementation writes the message to a PrintWriter.

formattedLog -

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