Class NullLogSink

  extended by org.mortbay.log.NullLogSink
All Implemented Interfaces:, LogSink, LifeCycle

public class NullLogSink
extends java.lang.Object
implements LogSink

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getOptions()
 boolean isStarted()
 void log(java.lang.String formattedLog)
          Log a message.
 void log(java.lang.String tag, java.lang.Object msg, Frame frame, long time)
          Log a message.
 void setLogImpl(LogImpl impl)
 void setOptions(java.lang.String options)
 void start()
          Start the LifeCycle.
 void stop()
          Stop the LifeCycle.
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Constructor Detail


public NullLogSink()
Method Detail


public void setOptions(java.lang.String options)


public java.lang.String getOptions()


public void log(java.lang.String tag,
                java.lang.Object msg,
                Frame frame,
                long time)
Description copied from interface: LogSink
Log a message. This method formats the log information as a string and calls log(String). It should only be specialized by a derived implementation if the format of the logged messages is to be changed.

Specified by:
log in interface LogSink
tag - Tag for type of log
msg - The message
frame - The frame that generated the message.
time - The time stamp of the message.


public void log(java.lang.String formattedLog)
Description copied from interface: LogSink
Log a message. The formatted log string is written to the log sink. The default implementation writes the message to a PrintWriter.

Specified by:
log in interface LogSink


public void start()
Description copied from interface: LifeCycle
Start the LifeCycle.

Specified by:
start in interface LifeCycle


public void stop()
Description copied from interface: LifeCycle
Stop the LifeCycle. The LifeCycle may wait for current activities to complete normally, but it can be interrupted.

Specified by:
stop in interface LifeCycle


public boolean isStarted()
Specified by:
isStarted in interface LifeCycle
True if the LifeCycle has been started.


public void setLogImpl(LogImpl impl)
Specified by:
setLogImpl in interface LogSink

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