Interface LifeCycle

All Known Subinterfaces:
HttpHandler, HttpListener, LogSink, RequestLog, Service, SessionManager
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDataSourceService, AbstractHttpHandler, AbstractService, AbstractSessionManager, AJP13Listener, Container, DefaultDataSourceService, DumpHandler, ErrorPageHandler, ExpiryHandler, FilterHolder, ForwardHandler, HashSessionManager, Holder, HostSocketListener, HTAccessHandler, HttpContext, HttpServer, IbmJsseListener, IO, IPAccessHandler, JotmService, JsseListener, LifeCycleThread, Listener, MailService, MsieSslHandler, NCSARequestLog, NotFoundHandler, NullHandler, NullLogSink, OutputStreamLogSink, PlusWebAppContext, Pool, ProxyHandler, ResourceCache, ResourceHandler, RootNotFoundHandler, SecurityHandler, Server, Server, Server, ServletHandler, ServletHolder, ServletHttpContext, SetResponseHeadersHandler, SocketChannelListener, SocketListener, SslListener, SunJsseListener, ThreadedServer, ThreadPool, TMService, WebApplicationContext, WebApplicationHandler

public interface LifeCycle

A component LifeCycle. Represents the life cycle interface for an abstract software component.

$Id:,v 1.5 2004/05/09 20:32:49 gregwilkins Exp $
Greg Wilkins (gregw)

Method Summary
 boolean isStarted()
 void start()
          Start the LifeCycle.
 void stop()
          Stop the LifeCycle.

Method Detail


void start()
           throws java.lang.Exception
Start the LifeCycle.

java.lang.Exception - An arbitrary exception may be thrown.


void stop()
          throws java.lang.InterruptedException
Stop the LifeCycle. The LifeCycle may wait for current activities to complete normally, but it can be interrupted.

java.lang.InterruptedException - Stopping a lifecycle is rarely atomic and may be interrupted by another thread. If this happens InterruptedException is throw and the component will be in an indeterminant state and should probably be discarded.


boolean isStarted()
True if the LifeCycle has been started.

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